Blair Drummond Safari Park and Adventure Park

Blair Drummond by Stirling, Central Scotland, FK9 4UR

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News Archive

Below are the news reports for Blair Drummond Safari Park and Adventure Park, covering significant events concerning the animal collection, such as births, arrivals, departures, and deaths.

Blair Drummond Safari Park and Adventure Park Details

Arrival: 21 May 2012

A female Southern White Rhino called Lucy has arrived from West Midlands Safari Park, where she was born, in exchange for Ailsa who was born here in 2009. The exchange is needed to prevent inbreeding in both crashes (groups) of Rhino.

Birth: May 2012

A male European Brown Bear cub called Loki has been born, to mum Nellie. He is the first bear cub to be born at the Park and was actually born back in January, but has only now emerged from the hibernation den. A sister cub was also born, but sadly died after a few days.

Birth: 7 April 2012

A female African Lion cub called Libby has been born over the winter, to parents Teekay and Dudley, the first to be born at the Park in over a decade. She is doing well and is now fully integrated into the pride, which now consists of 8 lions.

Birth: 24 March 2012

A baby male Southern White Rhino called Angus has been born, the third for the Park. Other recent births include a Lechwe, a Meerkat, a Marmoset, a Wllaby joey and a Donkey foal.

Arrival: 8 October 2011

A female Southern White Rhino called Emmi has arrived from Allwetterzoo Munster, in exchange for Jane. It is hoped that the change of environment will help both Rhinos to breed successfully.

Arrival: 17 November 2010

Giraffes Kelly and Bella (10-year-old mum and 1-year-old daughter) have arrived from Chester zoo, to join Sophie and Ruby who arrived earlier in the year.

Arrival: November 2010

Marge, a 5-year-old female Brown Bear, has arrived from ORSA Bear Park, Sweden, to join resident male Homer.

Birth: 10 September 2010

A pure-white baby male Llama called Sam has been born, to mum Baby.

Arrival: 1 September 2010

Ruby, a female Giraffe, has arrived from Banham Zoo, where she was born 2 1/2 years ago and had been hand-reared after being rejected by her mother.

Death: July 2010

Dickie, the Southern White Rhino, has sadly passed away. At 41 he'd had a long and happy life, and arrived at the park in 1996.

Arrival: June 2010

Dudley, a 4-year-old male lion (son of Kabir), has arrived from Longleat Safari Park to join the pride of females.

Arrival: 6 May 2010

A 4-year-old male European Brown Bear called Bull has arrived, from ORSA Bear Park, Sweden.

Arrival: May 2010

Bimbo, a mature male California Sea Lion has arrived on temporary loan, for the duration of the breeding season (May to July).

Depart: 22 April 2010

Mazumba, the female White Rhino who was born at the park in 2007, has moved to Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands, as part of the European breeding programme for this species.

Death: 4 February 2010

Dolly the Zebra has sadly died from a degenerative liver condition. She'd reach a good old age of 21 and was the Park's longest-serving resident of the Zebra enclosure, having arrived in 1990.

Birth: 21 December 2009

A baby female Southern White Rhino has been born, to mum Dorothy and dad Graham, and has been named Ailsa.

Birth: October 2009

A second litter of baby Meerkats have been born.

Birth: August 2009

Three baby Meerkats have been born, just a week after their parents arrived at the park.

Birth: 13 May 2009

A baby male Bactrian Camel called Alba has been born, the fifth for mum Mitzi and the second for dad Stavros. Great news for this critically endangered species, for which there are only around 1000 left in the wild.

Death: 8 May 2009

Mollie the European Brown Bear has sadly had to be put to sleep. She was born in January 1977 and arrived at the park in October 1995.

Birth: March 2008

A baby male Bactrian Camel called Meldrum has been born, to parents Mitzi and Stavros - a surprise for the keepers since Mitzi did not appear to be pregnant! Good news for the species, however, which is endangered with only around 1,000 left in the wild.

Birth: December 2007

A pair of Common Marmoset twins, called Ant and Dec, have been born to mum Leia, bringing the total in the family to 11.

Birth: 25 August 2007

A female baby White Rhino called Mazumba has been born, to mother Dorothy.

Depart: 2 August 2007

Three lionesses, Gillian, Jasmine, and Rachel (aged 8, 8, and 6), have moved to a new home at Blackpool Zoo.

Arrival: 25 May 2007

A baby female Steppe Eagle has arrived, to be hand reared by staff, which will encourage it to be confident in its surroundings and accustomed to the public. She should join the flying display team in about 10 weeks.

Birth: 14 February 2007

Baby Ring-Tailed Lemur born, 4 weeks premature.

Update: now named Leonardo, he was rejected by his mum, who didn't know how to handle such a premature baby, and has since been successfully hand-reared by keepers and re-introduced to the group.

Arrival: 4 February 2007

A male Bactrian Camel, Stavros, has arrived from Blackpool Zoo to join Mitzy, the existing female.

Birth: 14 June 2006

Baby male Zebra called Tanu born.

Birth: 3 September 2005

Baby male Giraffe called Wallace born.


Where possible, the dates given are for the event itself, but some zoos do not make this information available, when the date of announcement is used instead.

Seasons: Winter = Jan - Mar, Spring = Apr - Jun, Summer = Jul - Sept, Autumn = Oct - Dec.

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