Amazon World Zoo Park

Watery Lane, Nr. Arreton, Isle of Wight, PO36 0LX

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Opening Times

Open daily from 10am all year, except Christmas Day.

Admission Prices



Children (3-14):




Family (2+2):


Family (2+3):


Disabled adult:


Disabled child:


Disabled senior:


Group rates and season tickets also available, see zoo's website for details.


Amazon World Zoo Park is the Isle of Wight's largest exotic animal attraction, featuring a large number (around 200) of unusual and endangered species from across all of the major animal groups, mostly of the smaller varieties, and some of which cannot be seen anywhere else in Britain, or even Europe. At its heart is a large indoor recreation of a tropical rainforest, complete with exotic plants, waterfalls, ponds and hot and humid atmosphere. Some of the animals roam or fly free around you as you walk along the paths, while others are housed in individual enclosures within this area. Further enclosures are located outdoors, including those for the Ocelot, Lemurs, Penguins and Otters, along with the Hawk Walk and the area where the daily falconry flying displays are held (twice daily except during winter). These displays are designed to show aspects of the birds' natural behaviours.

One of the many highlights of the rainforest area is `The Tomb', a recreation of a burial chamber featuring several species of bat, from the small Short Tailed Bat to the large Indian Flying Fox, together with other animals.

Other highlights of the animal collection include: a variety of New World monkeys, from small Marmosets and Tamarins to the larger Douroucoulis (nocturnal) and Black Howler Monkeys; three species of Lemur; Slow and Pygmy Slow Loris; Tapirs; Peccaries; Sloths; Kinkajou; Meerkats; and Anteaters. Apart from the Owls and other Birds of Prey in the flying displays, there are also a wide variety of Parrots, Toucans, Touracos, Humming Birds, Sunbirds and Honeycreepers, together with Flamingos, African Black-Footed Penguins and other birds. There are also a selection of reptiles, including Tortoises, Turtles and Terrapins; snakes; lizards from Geckos to Green Iguanas, Komodo Dragons and West African Dwarf Crocodiles. The collection is completed with several species of fish, amphibians, insects and spiders.

Amazon World is committed to conservation and education. Many of its animals are taking part in international breeding programmes and they have pioneered the breeding of species such as the Tamandua Anteater - they were the first zoo in the UK to successfully breed this species. The informative displays are positioned to be relevant to the immediate surroundings and are designed to educate visitors about both the animals on view and rainforests in general, and the threats to them.

Official Website

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Car Park

Large free car park



For Kids

Dinosaur-themed play areas


Animal Collections

Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Invertebrates

Note: The animal pictures on this page are merely representative of this type of attraction; they do not mean that the animals can be found at this specific attraction.

Special Attractions

Falconry display and Meet the Animals talk daily throughout the year. Second daily Falconry display during March - October.

How To Get There:

By Car

Located opposite the `Fighting Cocks Roadhouse' on the A3056 between Newport and Sandown.

From Newport:

Take the A3020 south towards Shanklin, to Blackwater. Turn left onto A3056 towards Sandown. Continue past Arreton Manor and Craft Village, through Arreton village, and past Hazeley Manor. After about a further mile, pass the `Fighting Cocks Roadhouse' on your right then turn next left into Watery Lane (unclassified road), towards Newchurch. Amazon World will then be on your left after a very short distance.

From Ryde and Sandown:

Take the A3055 south through Brading and into Sandown. Continue on the A3055 towards Shanklin, passing under the railway for the second time and into Lake. Turn right onto A3056 towards Newport. Continue for just over 2 miles, past the Isle of Wight Airport and right-hand turnings for Winford and Newchurch. Turn right into Watery Lane (unclassified road), the second turning towards Newchurch. Amazon World will then be on your left after a very short distance.

From Ventnor, Shanklin:

Take the A3055 north through Shanklin towards Sandown, and into Lake. Turn left onto A3056 towards Newport, and continue to Amazon World as described above (from Ryde and Sandown).

By Public Transport

No. 8 bus operates all year

Between April and September, the Island Brezzer Downs Tour frequently passes the entrance.

Data on this page last updated: Apr 13 2014

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